My Dream to Travel and Teach in Japan

Everyone of us has a dream to fulfill. And if given the opportunity, the feeling is overwhelming and hoping this is our reality.

I really admire Japan, its people, language, values, and culture. Because of this reason, it is my dream to experience their way of living. Of course, the biggest part of this experience is to learn their language since I am a language teacher. I think it would be great to learn a new language as far as I know their language is always accompanied with respect or courtesy.

Being a non-native speaker of the English language, it is a real challenge to get a job abroad most especially it is my dream to travel and teach in Japan. However, I can prepare myself that will lead me to achieve this dream to become a reality. After all, it would be a great accomplishment to set foot in this amazing country. What is more wonderful is to get the opportunity to share my talents and skills to young children. I heard that they are taught how to become respectful and responsible in their young age. Knowing this is exciting for me.

I really hope this happens soon.

Thank you for taking time to read my work.

Haven’t been writing for a long time due to my hectic schedules.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Please feel free to comment or share your thoughts. I would love to hear it from you.

Love Lots,

Teacher Rubeth

My Alone Time

Oftentimes I prefer to be alone. My alone time helps me to refocus on what I want and the goals that I plan to accomplish. This alone time makes my mind reconcile with my heart. In my solitude, I like listening to my favorite music, drinking my coffee while planning and writing things on my journal.

Have you ever experience listening to just one song for 1 to 2 hours? For me, I love it! I feel happy and relaxed. It makes me more motivated and appreciative of things I have accomplished and for what I am about to accomplish. The more I appreciate things when there is silence. I can think a lot of things during my alone time which is also my the so-called”Me Time.”

Apparently, I feel that I am very much excited for new opportunities that will come my way. Hopefully, this will give me the chance to express my passion to teach, become a great influencer to my students, and transform the best version of myself.

In my own perspective, the “alone time” is a time to think, reflect, and listen to our heart. In this way, we will be able to create a big picture of what we really want. Listen to your heart, but never leave your mind. These two should reconcile to bring you to great happiness.

Thank you for reading my work.

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Stay safe.

Love Lots,

Teacher Rubeth

A Teacher’s Experience: Staying at Home Amidst COVID-19

For the safety of everyone, the National and Local Government has implemented the community quarantine from General Community Quarantine to Enhanced Community Quarantine. In this case, educators must abide the safety measures to at least mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Now, the biggest question is how to adjust staying at home until we get back to the so called NEW NORMAL? It is because it is part of our routine to come to school and do our duties as a teacher. For some teachers, they can adjust easily, but there are some others who are struggling to cope with this. Please allow me to share to you my experience.

I am used to wake up early morning, take a bath, prepare breakfast, fix myself, then go to work. Then, things have changed because of the pandemic affecting the entire world. Now, I have a different routine starting with waking up in the morning. I used to wake up 5 a.m, but now I wake up 6 a.m. As I wake up, I begin to pray and thank God for a beautiful warm sunshine that brightens my room. Then I start to open my phone to check my emails, read news, hoping that there’s cure or vaccine already for COVID-19. I have been reading different news sources, so I will get myself updated of what has been happening around the world. Do some stretching, watering my potted plants most especially the veggies that I planted. Furthermore, here goes I have to take good care of myself, and prepare breakfast. I always love hot coffee, and oatmeal (I love green tea, too). During this time, I read different e-articles, and while reading I listen to my favorite music. I also watch YouTube about cooking tutorials. I’m proud that I can cook some food now, plus I have learned how to spend money on groceries wisely. When I buy groceries, I prepare my grocery list beforehand, so I will buy only the essentials (Yehey!). It is part of my routine now which is very beneficial. Apparently, buy only the essentials that can be consumed for a week. In this experience, I have learned to cook food the way I wanted it, much healthier because more veggies for me. As for one of my relaxations is watching my favorite TV series, Supernatural, and CSI Las Vegas (I have a complete sets of DVDs of these, never get tired of watching them over again). In the afternoon, I prepare my snacks. I love to bake cheese bread, and cook veggie balls with sauce.

In addition, I read e-articles again. I love to read inspirational quotes, messages, experiences, and speeches. I want to learn more and be inspired more in my teaching career. I do some taking down notes, and write my journals. I connect with people to get to know how to become the best version of me as an educator that despite the lockdowns that is happening around the world, there is still growth within us, and that the burning passion to teach our students when we meet them once the lockdown has been lifted, we, as educators have become more responsible, grateful, wiser, caring, and compassionate.

I hope you have learned something from me.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this.

Thank you and stay safe!

Love Lots,

Teacher Rubeth

Pandora’s Box: Honing your Speech

Speech is our way to address and communicate with audience to be able to convey relevant message. It is a process to persuade the audience towards a particular topic. Thus, it is an essential part of human growth. Likewise, speech facilitates a person to directly link to a large number of people. This creates a bridge for better communication and stronger relationships.

Teaching speech is vital to our students because it enables them to address their concerns and hone their public speaking, so they can communicate effectively. This is to teach them to speak up what is in their minds and hearts.

As an educator, I have experienced learners who are struggling to speak to people due to fear or anxiety. This fear may involve their fear to be judged or get wronged with their verbal communication. Actually, these are the common fears of my students which are the reasons they prefer to keep quiet instead of speaking up.

1. Express Themselves in English Language

There are several learners who have difficulty to express themselves, for instance in English. We cannot deny the fact that there are learners who refuse to speak up because they have anxiety that their response might me incorrect or possibly they would feel embarrassed. I have been encountered students asking me, “Miss, can I speak in vernacular, instead?” In this case, I have to consider things such as if I will allow them to speak in vernacular, this will help them express themselves well; however, I have to target my learning competencies, and this means that I won’t allow them to speak in vernacular. As an English Language teacher, I have to be firmed to assure that learning competencies are achieved.

2. Grammar Conscious

There are students who have difficulty to speak up because they are anxious about construction of their speech. They are more concern of the subject-verb agreement. Sometimes they asked me, “Is it okay if I speak in vernacular?”  In connection with this, they are more concerned that their classmates will laugh at them or the teacher will get mad or embarrassed them because they have conveyed the wrong thought. In this case, I encourage them to try their best to speak in English. I explained to them to try their best, and that eventually they will learn the language.

3. Limited Vocabulary

When students have limited vocabulary, they struggle to communicate to others. There are students who are not voracious readers or we can say not fond of reading printed materials. Since they have limited vocabulary, they are struggling to express their ideas. When this happens, I do peer teaching or tutoring. I asked smart students to help their struggling classmates.

Pandora’s Box is a strategy to train and hone the critical thinking skill and public speaking of our students. The myth of Pandora (the first mortal woman) is a very interesting story in Greek Mythology. If we take a look at it, when Pandora opened the box, all evil escaped it, but Pandora who is under Zeus’ will held hope inside the jar by closing the lid. Pandora’s box is a good thing because it gives hope to people—which will also give hope to our students to do their best because they deserve new opportunities.

Classroom Rules for Pandora’s Box

  1. When a student speaks in vernacular, he or she must pick a cue card (question that requires critical thinking) from Pandora’s Box.

2. He or she must read the question loud and clear in front of his or her classmates.

  1. The student must answer the question like public speaking. His speech requires an introduction, justification, examples, and conclusion.
  2. English Speaking policy is strictly implemented in my class. That’s why, the frequent they speak in vernacular, the more they have to pick cue cards in Pandora’s Box.

I have been implementing Pandora’s Box in my English class until the present to address our struggling students to better express themselves. Pandora’s Box is a way to discipline our students to learn the English language as part of their routine, and learn bit by bit. This is to teach our students to say what they think, and express what they feel. Let’s get rid of a traditional class where students are being monopolized, or who will only go with the flow because of fear. Let us teach them to stand and fight for what is right, and not for what is told for them to do.

I hope this can help you.

Please let me know your comments or some of the reasons why students have difficulty to speak up.

I will be very glad to know things from you.


Love Lots,

Teacher Rubeth

Reading is Life

Reading is a wonderful experience for a voracious reader (IMHO). It is fundamental as for acquiring wisdom that evidently influences our lives. Through reading, it is like a time travelling because it hooks us to a place or situation that we are about to unfold or experience.

For me, reading makes me happy. I feel happy when I read because it amazes me knowing something new or unique, most especially talking about the practicality in life. I don’t talk that much, but by means of reading I can communicate my mind, heart, and soul. This allows me to solve puzzling conflicts or issues. Reading takes me away from over analyzing my struggles, and helps me to stay positive in the facets of life. More often, I can’t help but smile when I read something that keeps me on the hook. By means of reading, it brings us to different kinds of emotions. These emotions might be happy, sad, sorrow, grief, anger, etc. Thus, reading gives us the opportunity to see and experience the faces of love, and the arete  in life. It is like you cannot stop reading it until you have finished reading the book entirely.

Whenever I read, I learn important lessons about life. For instance, I learned how to handle people, work, stress, and pressures. It is part of my routine that before I go to sleep, I read. Sometimes, I fall asleep when reading. The more I enjoy reading when I have coffee or tea with me. As I describe it, it is heaven!

I always have this curiosity in mind. When I wonder something, I like to find out about it. This means search and read. It makes me think, “What is life without books?” Well, reading is a happy pill for me (Please do include my coffee or tea…)

Thanks to my English literature mentor who rekindles my passion in reading.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. If you have something in mind about reading, please do share. I would love to hear from you.


Teacher Rubeth



Smile Creates Wonders

Every time I meet people, I feel the bliss within me. This makes me appreciate how powerful our smile can affect anyone around us.

In this manner, let me tell you the benefits of painting smiles in your face.

1. When you smile, it brings a positive vibes around you, most especially when you begin to smile and being thankful for a great morning. It is a blessing to receive the gift of life from God that you are alive and healthy. This will establish your entire day.

2. Smile is contagious. Semantically, it influences people to have positive vibes, too. A smile can warm a cold heart or a stressful day of a person. In short, it brightens their day, too because of you. Isn’t that amazing?

3. A smile can begin friendship. Who would like to be with someone who frowns and stoic? It is a great and comfy feeling when you approach a person who smiles more often. For me, he or she is not intimidating or scary to be with. If the person is not intimidating, then good conversation begins.

These are the essence of smiling more often. It must be part of your routine. So, if you have something in mind to add up here, please let me know. I will be very happy for your comments.

Thank you.

Have a great day ahead!


Teacher Rubeth



There’s always a fresh morning after the sun sets.

As what my routine goes, I have to wake up early morning to prepare to go to work. Just waking up in the morning is very tough for me due to I sleep late at night to work on my paperwork. But it’s okay. I can make it better the next time.

In school, it’s not easy to be a teacher. Being in the field of education, it is a multitasking job. Well, I am very proud to say that I am a teacher. It is for the reason that I have the opportunity to create a greater change in our society by educating my students. Teaching is a great challenge to us. This means that we have to bear the sleepless and tiring nights, come early in the morning, submit quality paperwork, meet the deadlines, and of course do problem-solving with students, parents, and colleagues. In this case, I can say that TEACHERS ARE THE TRUE SUPERHEROES!

Why I am saying this? After an arduous responsibilities, it is very compelling to know that the administration will give the teachers a treat! We will go for outing or we can call it a relaxation tour! Knowing this made me very excited. I couldn’t wait for this time because it will be a great time for me to refocus and recharge myself. I think, as a teacher, we have to improve ourselves day by day. This kind of trip will be a time for me to reflect, take a deep breath, and thank God for a wonderful experience.

So, there was a moment when after our island hopping, I decided to walk on the seashore, took time to observe people and things. As I was strolling, I feel very happy to see people harvesting their fish from their nets, and I got the chance to mingle and talk to the fishermen. In this experience, I realized how these people live in simplicity and with contentment. Despite their financial struggles, they are happy, polite, and kind. What is more exciting is when I saw the fish they caught! They let me buy their fish for a hundred pesos! hahah! I think you might be wondering how much fish is for one hundred pesos? Actually, they gave me a big milkfish, a fourth kilo of shrimps, and a half kilo of small-size fish. The funny part is I fail to bring any money with me, so I asked them if anyone could come with me to get the money. Then, two young fishermen accompanied me to our camp. As we were walking, I questioned them if they go to school, and they answered me, yes! I smiled and told them that I feel very happy that they come to school. In my mind, I thought and pray that these two kids can finish their schooling, and that they can become the person they dream of, and make their way of living better.

And so, I was able to pay them with additional twenty pesos. In my heart, I feel them. So, after this, I sat down on the seashore to watch the sun sets. As I felt the cool air in my skin, heard the breeze coming from the wind that blew the sea, listened to the movement of the waves, and saw how beautiful the sun as it prepared itself to set, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, cleared my mind, opened my eyes, and thanked God how blessed I am. I have this introspection. I have so many realizations.

Facing the sea, waiting for the sun to set, I realized that the things I need in life are just right in front of me. I should be grateful for who I am and what I have. And that I must defy the habit of complaining, but instead, I must develop the habit of gratitude. Yes, teaching is a very tiring and demanding job, but since we chose this profession and vocation, we have to embrace the work of God. It is because we are in this world for a reason.

Just sharing this experience to you!

I hope you learn something.

God bless you!


Each one of us would probably ask, “How can I rekindle my motivation to teach?”  For years that we have been imparting our knowledge to our dear students, of course we cannot deny the fact that we get tired, burnt out, and until such time our passion to teach will extinguish.

In this case, please allow me to share to you, my fellow teachers, my learning experience during our TEACHERS IN SERVICE TRAINING October 2018. Consider these key points as we make important decisions to become an innovative and creative teacher.

The seminar is intended to gather the community of teachers for the purpose of learning and relearning. The seminar would be the culmination of ideas with the collaboration of the Publishing House. Thus, this will open the door for changes of being an educator. The speaker would impart to us some salient teaching strategies that would elevate us to become a better teacher.

In line with this, we are very honored to be with us, our very witty, beautiful, and humorous speaker, Dr. Glendora V. Tiu who is from Manila, Philippines. As she stayed with us, she was able to share her knowledge that concerns the importance for teachers to Revisit Teaching Methods. She taught us the difference between innovation and creativity. We can intertwine this to something new out of something old. She also shared various websites for teachers to employ that would cater the needs of the teachers for innovation and creativity.

Furthermore, she quoted that “Teacher can never be replaced.”, and that “The best teachers are those who show you where to look; they don’t tell you what to see.” Evidently, we, as teachers must innovate ourselves; discover ourselves.

Moreover, the highlight of this seminar is educating us the various teaching strategies such as Visualization, Cooperative Learning, Inquiry-Based Instruction-which entails guide questions, with references, and enrichment assignments, Differentiation, Technology in the Classroom, Behavior Management, and Professional Development. Dr. Tiu gives us her inspiring quote that says, “Teaching is an endless exploration…”

As the talk progressed, we were able to watch a video clip on Revisiting Teaching and Active Learning. Here, we learned about the PUSH which is GOOD HABITS COME TO THOSE WHO ARE PERSISTENT AND REFUSE TO QUIT.

In addition, we tackled MY MOTIVATION, MY TECHNIQUE. This provides us the wisdom on What really is MOTIVATION? Likewise, we were able to find out how Understanding Different  Generations- from builders, Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z matter to us, so we can better connect with our students and at the same time with our colleagues at work.

What gives more motivation to us was the Motivational Tools Study of Jack Ma. In Jack Ma’s short video, we learned important lessons that would catalyze our minds, hearts, and souls that When we fall, we stand up; We have to Focus on things where we are good at; There is competition of creativity; Focus on Q L  or Quotient OF LOVE; and Continue to work hard- This means to get rid of a habit of complaining, but instead practice the habit of gratitude; and surround ourselves with positivism.

Jay Shetty’s videoclip is also very useful.  In Shetty’s videoclip, this sums up that we have to believe in our capabilities. We have to believe in ourselves because after all, it is us, ourselves who give life to what we do. Consequently, the motivation must come within us which we actually call it as an intrinsic motivation. We have within us the great desire or drive to pursue or do things because it is our passion. Since teaching is our passion, it is up to us how we give life to our passion.

I hope you learn something from this article. Please comment or write me if you do…

Thank you and have a great day!